Smogon Champions League III - Semifinals [Tiebreaker @ Post 120]

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I don't care about the likes, but when you were a significant part of the problem less than a year ago, then why not just bring it up but also act high and mighty over it? The fact that you're literally trying to justify what you did back then instead of owning up to it or taking responsibility in any way is really telling. That's the change we need. Good job evolving, yone.
Yes I apologized to Steve Angello and you the day after in PMs and did my best during the rest of the year to be a better person, so excuse me to be surprised to see you bringing it up today and thinking you just want some likes, if do mistakes in the past prevent us from giving our opinion then no one should be able to talk and don't make me believe that you've never been irreproachable, it's crazy that when someone wants to get ahead, there's always this one person who wants to drag them back down to where they came from


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Honestly, this message would carry so much more weight if you didn't indulge in stuff yourself? Like, this is literally less than a year ago, and I believe whatever prompted this was me pointing out hax didn't matter in one of your OST games.

☆Heerv: mais va niquer ta grand mere too
☆Heerv: Toi
Heerv has 240 seconds left.
☆Steve Angello: hab g2 eh bad gechoked cbb
☆Heerv: Que il ouvre sa gueule
☆Steve Angello: g1 war klar
☆Heerv: Dans toutes les games
☆Heerv: Va faire tes voyages avec blunder et ferme ta gueule
+Exiline: ptdr
☆Heerv: Putain
☆Heerv: Casse les coiie
☆Heerv: Couilles
+CRASHINBOOMBANG: i dont speak that language but i know body press smoke on roost oml
+Exiline: apaise ton coeur ptit b
+Exiline: v
Heerv has 210 seconds left.
☆Heerv: T'as 30 ans nique ta pute de mere
☆Heerv: Putain
☆Steve Angello: i don't speak baguette but doesn't putain mean bi t ch

What, you're excused from inappropriate remarks about people's life and family situation because you're not old enough to start a family? No urgency to grow up? I'm not saying that you're in the wrong about being attacked or harassed or whatever, or that it's ok in any way, I'm just saying that people tend to be nicer to people who don't tell others to go fuck their whole, extended family tree, and there tend to be better messengers too.
Ouin ouin on m'a insulté sur une random game ost d'il y a un an regardez moi svp


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I make this post to reach all spectators and valiant participants of Smogon Champions League III (3[Third Edition{3rd}]). I hope that everyone is well now that the main season of this brutal war has concluded. For those who have fallen out of combat, may your recoveries be swift. I wish nothing but success for the select teams that prevailed and have made it to the play-offs. Hopefully your resolve has remained unabated, your will intact. Everything that you can offer will be important in the battles to come.

Indigo Platoon, Orange Islanders, Uncharted Terrors, and Studio Gibles, the following message is for you: Do not forget what you're fighting for. This is not purely a matter of victory—you all are fighting for your friends, your family and the honor that comes with being at the summit. I say that this is not a matter of victory, but that may not be entirely true. After all, the title bestowed upon this vicious war was "Smogon Champions League." This is a fight for champions, and anyone less than the champion will be forgotten. All of the blood, sweat and tears put into each grueling week will be left in the past and forgotten if you are not the champion. The people don't remember who placed third. They don't remember who placed second. The only people that are engraved in history are the champions. There are no winners in war, only champions, because even champions face loss when victory is attained. Take up your spears. Grasp your shields. It's time to go to war.

Best of luck to all participants

I leave you with a quote that has left an impression on me for months.



but I knew you
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totally out of context, but I just wanted to say thanks to the people who supported me throughout my run and made it one of the most fun tournaments I have ever played.
Shoutouts umbry and Lyssa for chatting, testing and prepping together every week, you two were amazing. Also thanks to all the people who gave me tests (you know who you are, you are a lot so I won’t go through all of you).

now to everyone on my team, thanks a lot for trusting me every week and always being supportive, sorry to have let you down when it mattered the most.
Special shoutouts go to Micciu and vivalospride who made this experience 100 times better for me by just being fun people to have around, scouting, bouncing off ideas with, build with, test with and circlejerk with. Never actually had support before you two and I’m so thankful I had this opportunity and to have you two of all people by my side, wish you both the best.

best of luck to whoever is still in:heart:
wow, a ton of posts here - must be a lot of predictions!

Indigo Platoon (5) vs (5) Studio Gible - a week 1 rematch, and a bit has changed since then. i'm reasonably confident on 5 of the slots so it's gonna come down to the OU/ubers/UU showdown

SV OU: MichaelderBeste2 vs Fogbound Lake - epic deutschland duel - gonna favor fogbound here on current form, dude's been largely unstoppable this tour
SV OU: Finchinator vs mind gaming - this is the most SV OU matchup i've ever seen: the head of the tier against its biggest superstar. think mind has the teambuilder edge here
SV OU: zioziotrip vs z0mOG - think zio is stronger right now even though z0mog was able to put up a super clutch activity win last week
SV Ubers: SiTuM vs Fc - not familiar with ubers so this is the one i'm least confident on by far.
SV DOU: Xrn vs zee - idk man i just looked at the records
SV UU: McMeghan vs Eternal Spirit - non-mainer gaming! my brain says gama here on current form (although you can't read too much into whatever his opponent brought last week) but my vibes just say mcmeghan is gonna cook somehow. dude has plot armor, he's getting to the finals
SV RU: Ajna vs cleann - unfortunately for the gibles their RU slot has literally zero wins and i don't think ajna is the guy they're gonna change that against
SV NU: Axrtix vs etern - etern has been pretty consistent and i think this will end up being the edge here
SV PU: Santu vs S1nn0hC0nfirm3d - impossible to bold against dude at this point
SV LC: Scottie vs ninjadog - 9-0 slot vs 1-8 slot

and i have no idea what happens in tiebreaks

Orange Islanders (4) vs (6) Uncharted Terrors - wait, i just saw this! i think this roster alignment works better for the terrors in this rematch, but i can't count out the daves, they can and will pick up wins anywhere

SV OU: Wolf vs xavgb - wolf is quite consistent but will have to be more than just solid to topple stresh in current (non-RU) form
SV OU: Rubyblood vs Meru - rubyblood has ascended in a major way this SCL and is probably favored on paper, but there's decent odds of this flipping especially coming off 2 straight losses. i don't have a great read on meru in SV but they seem more comfortable in OU than NU
SV OU: Welli0u vs oldspicemike - the darkness has been darker (brighter?) than expected, and he's facing one of the top value picks of the whole tour. seriously 5k
SV Ubers: Exiline vs RichardMillePlain - rematch
SV DOU: JRL vs Nails - should be advantage nails once again, he's a good gamer
SV UU: pdt vs Accel - pdt literally just won this and has been certified as one of the top dogs in the UU field
SV RU: robjr vs Feliburn - iffy on this one since feliburn hasn't played in two weeks so current form is something of an unknown to me
SV NU: Danny vs avarice - not entirely sure what to make of this but i think the relative stability of running danny for most of the tour will be handy
SV PU: DugZa vs sensei axew - i don't watch this tier much but i loaded up the replay from last week and raichu just got off the goob nut - feel like this won't happen again
SV LC: Hacker vs Laroxyl - laroxyl has been a walking bucket this tour
i don't know the specifics of the howkings situation, but i'm also a manager that has made plenty of mistakes and i obviously still make new ones as i go, too. the issues raised here and in the commencement thread are valid concerns, and its not unreasonable to be annoyed about how things went. what in my experience would be a much better solution, though, would be messaging the manager or teammate in question directly and to talk to them about why things aren't working. address the problem head on as it's happening, rather than publicly after your season concluded. this gives people a chance to actually improve and is likely to be an investment in your own week to week experience in the chat as well.

to me it seems like howkings did actually put effort into the season, but that the effort was counterproductive at times. not ideal of course, yet something you can discuss internally and perhaps even fix altogether simply through communication. so if anyone finds themselves in a situation like this, consider giving each other the chance to learn and work together better by actually talking to each other. again, idk the exact situation here, but in general surely that's better than dumping it all on the forums after losing. howkings might have found out his teammates thought this way about him the exact same way we did, which to me is straight up cruel. we're doing these team tours to have fun together after all, right?

go platoon :boi:
The Strap has a niece with autism. We run the autism speaks race every year in support. She's extremely talented - primarily as an artist. However, one year she took up baseball just because she wanted to try to overcome her social anxiety and try something new. She was absolutely awful at baseball and just didn't understand the game, but she always had a smile.

Eventually after like 8 games of being atrocious, she finally got a hit. The pop off we had was gigantic. We were so proud of her and she was ecstatic. After that though, she was no longer interested and didn't play another game. But a valuable lesson was learned to be resilient and try new things, even if they aren't exactly for you.

I'm telling you this story because watching tier play NU and winning reminded me of my niece with autism attempting baseball.

Good job buddy.
The Spectrum is proud of your niece :)))))))))))))))))))


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Indigo Platoon (0) vs (0) Studio Gible
SV OU: MichaelderBeste2 vs Fogbound Lake

Great mu here against two germen legends. I think FL has hit his stride and focus and is one of the most dangerous current genners around. MDB2 may have one of the top 5 ceilings in my opinion. But he is streaky and FL is in better form.

SV OU: Finchinator vs mind gaming

This should be a close one, MG has been the more notable gen9er, Finch seems to improve year to year in general. Like above, Finch is more proven… but MG is just in stride rn in gen9. If Finch can sample the forbidden wings and enter ONE TRIBE mode à la SSD2… I may eat my words… with a side of kranch.

SV OU: zioziotrip vs z0mOG

zio was dogwalked by the comforter last week. Unfortunately all lordsquads straight premature ejaculate, and CTC had been forced to listen to Lime King throwaway verses all week lowering his focus. Z0m is a perennial contender and I have not seen him playing League for weeks.

SV Ubers: SiTuM vs Fc

Si t’es contre Fc t’mort.

SV DOU: Xrn vs zee

Z0m sees something in this one. A protegée for sure, but I think she gets how to win games and will be motivated by a chance to erase the memory of a lackluster regular season. Xrn seems to be tearing it up and is the facts and logic pick… but it’s 2023 and I operate on an emotional standpoint.

SV UU: McMeghan vs Eternal Spirit

Roro is sort of nice with it.

SV RU: Ajna vs cleann

SV NU: Axrtix vs etern

Eternally always arrives when NU needs him most. Axrtix seems more than competent, but etern is a proven winner.

SV PU: Santu vs S1nn0hC0nfirm3d

I once saw 3 people get banned just so sinnohconfirmed could play pupl without joining the team discord.

SV LC: Scottie vs ninjadog

Orange Islanders (0) vs (0) Uncharted Terrors
SV OU: Wolf vs xavgb

SV OU: Rubyblood vs Meru

SV OU: Welli0u vs oldspicemike

Mike is on fire atm, but The Well is ever the showman.

SV Ubers: Exiline vs RichardMillePlain

SV DOU: JRL vs Nails

SV UU: pdt vs Accel

SV RU: robjr vs Feliburn

I’ve been a rob fan since day 1. Feliburn is good too, but rob has turned into a demon within the past couple of gens. I just don’t see him making many mistakes anymore.

SV NU: Danny vs avarice

SV PU: DugZa vs sensei axew

I see DugZa slander quite a bit, but the dude can really play. His success will depend on the team he gets lent to pilot.

SV LC: Hacker vs Laroxyl

Lowkey a top 25 player on the site.
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